The Brand Stack
Strategic branding for innovative brands
Build a brand your target market prefers over the competition, buys from, is confident about, and refers out-of-market clients to.
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Define, differentiate, connect.
Gain a competitive edge by defining your product, service, or brand's core identity - The personality your target audience will connect with.
User Persona
Identify & know your target audience.
Who is your client? what do they fear, desire, and what makes them tick? Discover best practices to create a persona profile.
Speak directly to the hearts of your audience.
Cut through the competitive noise with a message that connects to the desires,
ambitions, and challenges your
audience experiences.
What's your
name again?
construct a powerful name by setting criteria that will express your strategy. The name that will differntiate your brand / service / product.
Design Guidelines
Visual experiences
and how to use them.
Your logo, color scheme, typography, and guidelines, and how to utilize them effectively in your marketing strategy.
Build a clear story, expressing your
vision & goals.
Whether it's for onboarding employees & partners, or on stage exhibiting your passion - deliver your story, and express your manifesto to the world.
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