About biajee

biajee helps unique, innovative companies who are looking to differentiate themselves, get instantly recognized, and easily communicate with their target audience, by planning and executing strategic processes, using up-to-date user-centered, creative, and product-led branding methodologies.

Equip 100 visionaries with the best growth foundations so they could impact our lives.

1. The underdog should always get a fair chance.
2. Never oversell.
3. Get to the bottom of the issue, don't just scratch the surface.
4. For the right reasons, saying no is ok.
5. Creativity is welcomed.
6. Don't work for someone, partner up for success.
7. Pursue Knowledge.
8. Foundations are key.
9. Family comes first.
10. If something bothers you, speak about it.
11. Keep Transparency.
12. Dreams deserve to come true.

biajee is located at the heart of startup nation - Central Israel,
with trusted media production partners in the UK, Central America, and Israel.